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What is LincDoc?

Developed by LincWare, LLC., LincDoc is family of eForm creation and document automation software products that empower businesses and municipal organizations to better serve their customers and constituents, reduce operational costs and better leverage critical data. There are three editions of LincDoc: Enterprise, Standard and FreeForm.

Edition features are based on scope of need and offer an array of benefits for your content management strategies. Let us help you decide which version is right for you.

Each LincDoc edition …

  • Is simple for anyone to use
  • Has no per-user licenses or fees
  • Requires no server upgrades or ancillary product installations
  • Converts already-in-use PDF and Word docs to intelligent online forms
  • Automatically integrates with Laserfiche
  • Integrates with popular digital signature tools
  • Accepts online payments
  • Can be used for internal or external forms and documents
  • Eliminates physical handling, processing and storage of paper forms
  • Guarantees accurate completion of submitted form
  • Swiftly routes completed online forms to all stakeholders
  • Stores common forms, data and templates in a version-control repository
  • Decreases risk

LincDoc can handle the quick roll-out of Web-based eForms that require digital signatures and online payments or rapidly assemble complex internal documents requiring multiple pages and pre-approved fields, content and information. Law firms, insurance companies, academia, towns and cities and major corporations can all benefit from any of the feature-rich versions of LincDoc.

Paper imprisons important data, creates time drains and costs a fortune. Compose, construct and connect your critical business forms with LincDoc.


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