Improve operational efficiency. Decrease time to market. Increase product quality.

PryLynx software solutions and services can enable manufacturing companies to decrease time to market, reduce operating costs and increase product quality.

The content and information produced typically comprises drawings, specifications and schedules, assembly lists, parts lists and QA forms together with a variety of manufacturing and production records. PryLynx can automate the capture and archive all of these forms of documentation and then implement an enterprise ECM solution to integrate with your PDM, CAD and MRP infrastructure.

How can our document management and scanning services help the Manufacturing sector?

  • Scanning backfiles of business records
  • Meeting compliance targets
  • Reducing document processing costs
  • Automating the “purchase to pay” process
  • Enabling information-sharing between work units
  • Allowing records to be treated as corporate assets rather than personal data
  • Improving co-ordination between paper and electronic information
  • Integrating different data sources

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